How Infocc’s interlinking solution can power your reader engagement

How Infocc’s interlinking solution can power your reader engagement


Maximizing website engagement

For bloggers, content marketers, and other types of online publishers, user engagement is the name of the game. It’s the key to generating traffic, growing a fan base, and bringing in more revenue. With so much of your site’s success hinging on these engagement metrics, one of your top priorities should be to optimize your site and take advantage of tools that help you boost your engagement.

Of course, you could spend hours researching key words and looking for the highest advertiser payouts, or you could simply install a tool that’s built specifically for maximizing user engagement.

Infocc is a brand new user engagement tool that does all of the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is insert a short line of javascript into your site, and watch as your engagement gets kicked into high gear. It’s a great tool for bloggers, and can provide a number of benefits; these are our favorites:

Website Engagement Maximizer


Infocc enables bloggers to insert their own links into their sites as native advertisements. The ability to automatically insert links helps build a great backlink archive of relevant, targeted content which helps improve SEO. Google is increasingly looking at links, relevance, and user engagement to determine a site’s search ranking, so using Infocc will certainly help kickstart your SEO.

More time on site

Infocc makes it possible for bloggers to insert pop up links to other content that they think their users might be interested in. Essentially, Infocc shows supplemental content at the end of a post that is targeted specifically for the readers and niche of the site. When users come across related information, they’re more likely to click on that link and continue on viewing your page. This helps your overall user engagement, increases time on site, and typically results in social sharing which helps drive more traffic back to your site.

Drive traffic to other pages

If your site shows up in Google’s search results and visitors come to your page from there, you can then use Infocc pop up links on your blog to drive those visitors to other pages such as email registration or product offers. This will help increase your clicks and conversions or help you gather valuable customer information that you can use in retargeting.


Increase revenue

Because of it’s highly targeted nature and benefits for SEO, Infocc is an easy way to generate more revenue. First, your users will tend to stay on your site longer because they will get more relevant and interesting content, making them more valuable to advertisers and resulting in higher payouts. Secondly, you can use Infocc to link out to other pages, such as advertiser offers, which will send more traffic and clicks, helping you earn more revenue.

It’s unique

There are a lot of different native advertising tools on the market, and while they’re similar to Infocc in one way or another, they’re not exactly the same thing. Most native advertising tools simply place other people’s content or ads on your site based on keywords, meaning that you have little to no control over the sponsored content that is shown to your audience. However, with Infocc, you can easily manage the content and the links that pop up on your site and know exactly what experience your visitors will have.

Blogging is hard work and requires a lot of time and resources to maintain, and as such, you should make it a priority to earn something back from your efforts. However, manually optimizing your site for engagement takes even more time and can be quite a headache. With a tool like Infocc, you can simply set a line of javascript and kick back and relax while your engagement metrics, and your revenue, skyrocket.

This post written by guest contributor Murray Newlands.

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