Inky is the smart email app that declutters your inbox

Inky is the smart email app that declutters your inbox

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Serial entrepreneur shares his latest app

What do you do after selling your previous company to Google for $700 million dollars? Well if you’re Dave Baggett, founder of Inky, you try to solve a problem that affects 3 billion people – email.

Blog   InkyInky incorporates new algorithms based on machine learning and natural-language processing, which allow Inky to actually understand your mail – to tell the difference between, say, a social networking notification and a shipping confirmation.

While Inky reads and understands your email, but the information is safe and is not accessible by anyone within Inky.

Recently, Inky launched its iOS versions of the app for the iPhone and iPad. This new release extends its cloud-enabled desktop email client for Mac and Windows.

In my interview with Dave Baggett, we discuss:

  • Why he choose to tackle this project despite after a $700M acquisition deal with Google,
  • Aggressive minimalism and how he figures out which features to build and which complexities to replace without losing any of the app’s power,
  • How he decides what their minimum viable product would look like,
  • His frustrations on other people’s perceptions about his vision and how he got through this low point,
  • How much he paid for the domain name,
  • And much, much more!