Joe Pulizzi Shares Strategies, Tips, Tools, and Tactics on How to Create...

Joe Pulizzi Shares Strategies, Tips, Tools, and Tactics on How to Create Epic Content Marketing

SBI_twThis week, we are honored to have Joe Pulizzi with us. Joe is first and foremost a content marketing evangelist. He began using the term “content marketing” back in 2001.

He’s the founder of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), the leading content marketing educational resource for enterprise brands, recognized as the fastest growing business media company by Inc. magazine in 2013.

CMI is responsible for producing Content Marketing World, the largest content marketing event in the world, as well as the leading content marketing magazine, Chief Content Officer. CMI also offers strategic consulting for enterprise brands such as AT&T, Petco, LinkedIn, SAP and many others.

Joe has written a new book, Epic Content Marketing as well as co-authored two other books, Get Content, Get Customers and Managing Content Marketing.

Below you’ll find just a snippet of the questions we asked Joe; be sure to listen to the podcast to hear his answers.

  • You’re a pioneer in the field of content marketing, care to tell the audience how you deciphered that that was the key term and not custom publishing?
  • In your book, Epic Marketing, you talk about breaking free from the content clutter and standing out… how does a company do that?
  • How can we get buy in from the C-Suite with our content marketing strategies?
  • Anyone can publish content, how do we filter the noise and find the best, most relevant content?
  • What are some of your tried and true methods for creating relevant personas for your brand?
  • What are three tools or resources that you couldn’t live without?
  • What’s the perfect social media team structure within a corporation (Director, strategist, content strategist, channel strategist, writer/art direction, SM managers, ect)
  • How do you view the growth of video content and the future of video storytelling in marketing moving forward?
  • What is the biggest content marketing mistake made by small and medium-sized businesses?
  • What are some of the best B2B content marketing tactics, yet are most underutilized?
  • If you could only do 2 or 3 content marketing tactics, which ones would you choose?
  • In your book, you talk about creating a content marketing mission statement. Why is this important and what are some tips in developing this statement?
  • What metrics will you use to report our progress and judge our success
  • Our good friend Zena Weist wants to you to define the differences between whitepapers, ebooks and POVs and when to use each.
  • What are you thoughts about how marketers are leveraging content for lead generation now? A good thing? bad thing?
  • How many times can you “repurpose” content before you go overboard?
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