Let Laughing Squid’s blog break up the boredom

Let Laughing Squid’s blog break up the boredom

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Bored at work, on the bus or during the commercial break? Let Laughing Squid into your life. Oh, and if you’re at work or on the bus, you might want a pair of headphones for their videos.

There are no shortage of posts that will entertain and even educate you a little bit. OK, maybe a lot … especially with the entertainment.

We’ve taken the liberty of collecting a few of our favorite recent posts to get you started. Oh, you’ll need those headphones for all of them.

Wolverine: The Musical by Glove and Boots- Yes, Wolverine. The musical. With guest appearances from Multiple Man (several of them, actually), The Hulk and Spider-Man.

How to Win a Street Fight Simply by Learning How to Move Your Head- No, this isn’t to advocate street fighting. But it was pretty funny watching regular guys trying to slug an MMA fighter (who wasn’t allowed to return any punches).

Skyrim Character Septimus Signus Prank Calls Libraries Asking For the Actual Elder Scrolls- The characters on Elder Scrolls games have been fully vocal for a few releases now, and here is just one example of the many things you can do with a character sound board.

Teen Sets World Record For the Longest No-Handed Bicycle Wheelie- Uphill and downhill on a winding coastal road. This was no easy feat. Oh, and wherever that video was shot would make one heckuva vacation spot.

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