10 Things Not to Buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Author: Karama Horne
Published: November 22, 2012 at 6:20 am

Don't be blinded by the hype and spend all your money this weekend on things that you think you won't "get a deal" on any other time of the year. Here's a list of 10 items that you'll be better off buying later.

If you're willing to wait.

  1. Computers and Tablets - You'll get a better deal during back-to-school or on eBay

  2. Cameras - Wait till President's Day there are always better sales on new cameras and camera equipment then.

  3. Winter Coats and Cold Weather Gear - Really want a new snowboard? Ski boots? That new down parka? Wait until the season is over and you'll get a better deal

  4. Bikes - Wait until after the holidays in January for this. That's when the best deals are

  5. Luggage - February and March are the best time to buy these items, especially from department stores who have large inventory to move.

  6. Televisions - It's a trick. It's one of the biggest items that go "on sale" during Black Friday sales, but on average, most models are cheaper right before and right after the holidays. In January, ask for the floor model or any "open box" models. You have a better chance of getting a good deal on an item that has barely been used and probably in really good condition.

  7. Party dresses - Save your money ladies. You'll get a better deal post-season when they're trying to make room for the spring merchandise.Shopping online from places with good return policies like Amazon, Bluefly, Zappos or Overstock also means you have a better chance of finding your size.

  8. Linens - Do you REALLY need a new sheet set right now? Wait until January for the best deals on linens, towels, and other bed and bath items.

  9. Tools - Wrong holiday. Father's Day is actually the best time of year to buy new tools. Unless he works in construction, save your money. Get him a Home Depot or Lowes gift card instead and tell him to hold onto it until then.

  10. Jewelry - Christmas and Valentine's Day are actually the two times of the year that jewelers actually raise their prices a bit because there's a higher demand. If you wait until Spring or Summer, you'll get more diamond for your dollar.


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