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A Bee of a Wake Up Call

Author: Don Martelli
Published: May 24, 2012 at 11:42 am

Imagine waking up to having a few unwanted guests in your house? Sure, Auntie Helen can be a pain at times, but she's harmless.

Now, imagine that those unwanted guests was a swarm of bees.

This was the case for Petra Rico, a Twin Falls, Indiana women who woke up to find that her back yard was carpeted in bees, according to an article in the Times-News.

While swarms are common in the spring, experts say that they are harmless unless they are provoked.

According to the report, Rico called the police who were not helpful at all. She then waited for her husband to get home and had him turn on the sprinkler system, which ticked off the bees.

“They’re all riled up,” she told the paper. Instead of sitting in a carpet, they flew in circles and chased a pedestrian down the street, she said. It took awhile, but they calmed back down.

Eventually experts were called in — a local beekeeper who, with his six-year-old son, collected the bees in boxes and transported them to a new hive on his property.

The best advice is to leave the bees alone. Swarms are made up of displaced bees from an overpopulated hive and when that happens, the queen makes a new queen and sends her — and her army — to form a new colony.

When the bees are left alone, they are fine. But when they are bothered, they go into protection mode as they want to defend their queen.

Lesson learned: if you wake up to a swarm of bees, leave them alone and call your local expert.

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