A Warm Family Gathering During the Cold Winter Holidays

Author: Dr. Jessie Voigts
Published: December 27, 2012 at 7:14 pm

While we all love to gather together for holidays, sometimes that almost-two-weeks can be a little bit long. In fact, during the umpteenth time of drying dishes while great-aunt Matilda washes the good china v-e-r-y slowly, you might wish to be somewhere else. But you don’t have to purchase tickets to a warm climate to escape the drudgery of being stuck inside during the cold winter months. And, you don’t need to stay apart from your extended family – you can all have fun doing a variety of activities, while being warm!

Stay warm during a blizzard But where to find this warm place that dissipates boredom, and too much family togetherness, in a snowstorm? I suggest heading to a waterpark! We’ve spent time at the Kalahari Waterpark Resorts and Key Lime Cove, but our favorite waterpark is Great Wolf Lodge. Luckily for all of us, there are over a dozen locations around the United States.

Great Wolf LodgeWhy is this a great place to spend your winter holidays? Once you go, you’ll go back – it’s that special. Great Wolf Lodge prides itself on creating family traditions. There's no better place to go during the cold winter holidays than someplace warm, where your entire family can swim, play, and explore. There is an interactive game called MagiQuest, where you defeat evil and save fairies (there is a charge for the game and the wand). There’s a spa, and an arcade on the ground level. You can spend time in the Kids Club, where there are books, places to play, and activities galore.

The Lodge is decorated for the holidays, including a very special display called Snowland. The trees in the lobby are lit, the walls are shining with snowflakes, your kids (or you) can mail a letter to the North Pole, and at the end of the daily evening storytime, the air comes alive with Snow! There’s a North Pole University, where kids can learn about wolves and the outdoors, and get a diploma (and prize).

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