Around the World, Women Better at English Than Men

Author: Curtis Silver
Published: October 24, 2012 at 6:28 am

According to Education First's recent English Proficiency Index, which is the world's most in-depth ranking of English ability, women are better at English than men. This is one of many data points revealed in the index which is based on survey data received from 1.7 million adults in 54 countries.

The index, released today, also shows that the Swedish are the best English speakers (outside of English speaking countries) while Italy and Spain are circling the drain when it comes to English speaking skills. Considering the Euro Zone crisis, Education First is suggesting that there may be a connection between the quality of English and exports. This can be found on page 12 of the report, available here. As the infographic below (and linked) shows, there are wide disparities between many developing countries.

“English is key to innovation and competitiveness”, says Michael Lu, Senior Vice President of EF Education First. “The EF EPI ranking should be a wake-up call to countries falling behind their neighbors—because today’s report shows that poor English is linked with less trade, less innovation and lower income.”

The EF EPI also looks at English scores by region, age and gender for 11 select countries. As for the gap between men and women, this is widest in the Middle East and North Africa, where female scores were much higher. This statistic shows that speaking English could lead to greater opportunities for women in developing nations. Italy and China also show that women are much stronger in the English language than men.


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