Attention Wine Connoisseurs. Slow Wine and Vinitaly Hosting Grand Wine Tasting Jan 28

Author: Carole Di Tosti.
Published: January 13, 2013 at 8:18 am

Slow Wine Guide 2013Attention wine connoisseurs, US industry producers, Italian wine aficionados and just your average oenophiles. Last year, The Slow Wine Guide 2012 debuted its first ever English-language edition in what was a compilation of expert reviews of Italian wineries, examining their production as it related to region and a myriad of other factors. This year the Slow Wine Guide 2013 is presenting its latest edition on January 28th in New York City, January 30th in Miami and February 4th in San Francisco. And it is doing so with fanfare and panache.

In celebration of the Slow Wine Guide 2013 unveiling, its producers are hosting a prodigious wine tasting event  which should peak your interest and enliven your taste buds. With a ticket purchase of $50, you will have the occasion to sample over 100 'Slow Wine approved wines' from 15 regions of Italy. Attendees will have the opportunity to peruse the latest edition of  the Slow Wine Guide 2013 as they sample the sterling wines. They will also receive a complimentary copy of this year's Slow Wine Guide (a $25 value) which will familiarize them with an innovative process to critique wines in the hope of encouraging and emphasizing the slow food and wine movement as it continues to make headway against the industrialization of fast food, and wine production.

Slow Food Movement website 

For those not familiar with the buzz words "slow food" and "slow wine" and the movement, you most probably are knowledgeable about the concepts of "eco-gastronomy," initiated by the movement's founder in Italy, Carlo Petrini. In 1989 Petrini with his nonprofit intended to influence producers and consumers in a paradigm shift away from processed, bland, unhealthful, chemical-ridden foods that Petrini recognized were overtaking the gastronomy of Italy and the world and not to its benefit. He spearheaded global advocacy starting in Italy to redirect food production back to Italy's glorious and delicious agricultural past.

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