Do Movies Like the Notebook Hurt Relationships?

Author: Christine Vega
Published: January 08, 2011 at 9:50 am

In a recent CNN Entertainment article, I read a rather interesting article about how romantic movies, such as "The Notebook," can ruin relationships. The sappy, well-known romance is about how a poor man falls in love with a rich woman who has to choose between her first love and her fiance. Not very original now, is it?

It seems like us women seem to love the impossible, incredible, and unbelievable love stories. However, there isn't much originality in the romance/ "chick flick" genre. Ironically, as someone who writes about relationships, I do not watch many of these films because, while touching, they give unrealistic expectations.

I have heard some great love stories in my time and experienced some wonderful relationships that could easily be made into a movie. However, in "The Notebook," Noah fixes up a house for Allie in an attempt to win her back after not hearing from her in over a year and knowing that she is engaged. Ask yourself this: what kind of reaction would this get in real life? Chances are, you would be viewed as "crazy" by a majority of people. In the article, it states that one woman actually divorced her husband when he told her that, even if he knew how, he would not build a house for her.

Ladies, why are your expectations so high? Men are simple creatures by nature and don't think of these things. Now, I am not saying that a man should not treat you with respect and dignity, nor should he refrain from being romantic. There is such a thing as overkill though.

After the first month, most men are not going to pick up the phone and call you every day. If they do, chances are they will be wondering why you won't shut up or why you have taken longer than five minutes to make your point, tell them about your day, and get on with it. Men are simple for the most part — everything is usually pretty clear; if a problem is solved, it's solved for good, and they tend to get comfortable quickly.

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