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Free Mad Libs for Family Game Night

Author: Jacqueline Wilson
Published: June 13, 2011 at 10:46 pm

Last week, millions of people mourned the passing of Leonard B. Stern. While some may know Stern for being a writer on sitcoms in the 1950's, his invention of Mad Libs has lived across generations.

In case you’ve been in a cave for the last 50 or so years, Mad Libs is a game where you provide a word from clues like noun, verb or adjective. The words are then inserted into a story—that you didn’t see before you provided the words—and read aloud. As you can imagine, the results are often hysterical. One of the best things about Mad Libs is that they are perfect for all ages—even little ones who can’t read. Instead of telling them you need an adjective, you can just say something like, “pick a color” or “name something that is soft."

A great time buster for car trips and family time, Mad Libs are still available in different forms in stores and across the Internet today. Check out these places for free Mad Libs games to keep your family fun alive:

Mad Libs for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: Different versions are available for free to $3.99.

MadGlibs: Free Mad Libs created by people on the Internet. Caution: You may find some racy material on here, so be sure to review first if you're playing with children.

WordLibs: Choose from those already created or create your own.

Printable Mad Libs for Kids: Geared strictly toward children, these printable Mad Libs are perfect for parties.

Do you have childhood memories of playing Mad Libs? Did you introduce them to your children?


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