Giving Tuesday: A Day To Help Nonprofits

Author: Jeffrey Strain
Published: November 25, 2012 at 5:13 pm

With many people feeling that the holiday season is becoming more and more consumer oriented, there is a small but growing number of movements trying to take back what the season is supposed to be about. One of these is Buy Nothing Day which is celebrated on the same day as Black Friday. A newly launched idea that is hoping to become a much larger movement is Giving Tuesday.

The basic idea behind Giving Tuesday is that we already celebrate a day where we give thanks. We have two days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are dedicated to shopping and finding the best deals. Wouldn't it be nice to also have a day dedicated to giving back to others since that is what the season is supposed to be about?

With that in mind, Giving Tuesday hopes to become a strong movement celebrated on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving (November 27 this year). The goal is to get individuals, families, communities, organizations and companies to participate in acts of giving on this day. While most people automatically assume that this means giving money to charity, the reality is that there are plenty of ways to help nonprofits without spending a dime.

The question is can this day of giving become successful? A recent survey shows that Americans plan to spend more on holiday gifts this year than they did last year, but also plan to give less to charity. While that seems to indicate that people aren't interested, the study also found that 83 percent would much rather receive a gift that has meaning and would help someone else rather than a traditional holiday gift such as electronics or clothing. If the Green Tuesday movement can tap into this sentiment, it could be a movement which gains traction and one day is as familiar to consumers as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are today.

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