Good Samaritan Has Purse Stolen While Helping at Traffic Accident

Author: Steve Woods
Published: November 13, 2012 at 5:51 am

"I looked down and I thought to myself, there is no way..."

Peggy Ray, a barista at a Starbucks in Everett, Washington, stopped at the scene of a traffic accident on Sunday, and got out like a lot of us would, with the thought of providing help to a visibly injured, bleeding motorist. When Ray walked from her car, she never thought she would go through a life-changing lesson in trust and compassion.

The mother of six left her purse in her car's front seat without a second thought, and came back after helping to discover it had been stolen, along with $900 she had in it for rent and other expenses for her family - almost half a month's meager pay.

When asked if she would help others in the future after her loss, Ray responded that she would do so, without hesitation. "There's more people out there who need people," said Ray.

Since the report came out on Seattle's KOMO TV, viewers have visited the Starbucks and provided donations to Ray to replace her losses. KOMO collected a total of $3,800 and hand-delivered the sum to Ray and her husband.

"People are amazing," said a tearful Ray when she received the check. Not only will the family get their rent and groceries paid for, but a few Christmas presents to boot. The rest, said Ray and her husband, will be donated to help others in need.


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