Heads Up! Gaggle of Interesting Laws for 2013

Author: Steve Woods
Published: January 01, 2013 at 1:56 pm

Now that you're beginning to see the light at the end of that fuzzy tunnel created by staying up way too late and consuming a wee bit more than you should've had, it's time to face the challenges and joys of 2013.

As you dust off the glitter and contemplate staying in your pajamas all day long, why not grab that second cup of coffee and familiarize yourself with today's changed legal landscape.

There are a variety of new laws across the nation. Best to check your state's website to find them all, but here are some highlights:

As of today, California businesses can no longer demand login information for their employees' social network accounts. Are you safe in your state from eyes wanting to pry your Facebook photos?

California has passed a law allowing Google's self-driving cars, with some limitations, and now allows the use of a smartphone to prove driving insurance coverage.

Flashing your headlights at other drivers in Florida to warn them of speed traps is no longer illegal. The state legislature clarified the law, because some judges had felt police were incorrectly citing drivers for the practice.

Following the confusing and emotion-laden Florida murder trial of Casey Anthony, Illinois has a new law, called Caylee's Law, named after Anthony's daughter. The law increases penalties for failing to report the disappearance or death of one's child within 24 hours.

Illinois also has passed an employee social network protection law similar to California's, as well as a $1,000 fine if you pop a wheelie on a motorcycle. As a trade-off, motorcycles that are too light to trigger a change of traffic light no longer have to wait for a car to show up. After a reasonable amount of time, they can simply go if it's safe.

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