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iPad Mini App Says Download Now, Bang You Later

Author: David Goehst
Published: November 28, 2012 at 5:56 am

iPad miniAccording to recent San Francisco Chronicle release, Apple has made sharing nudity quite the challenge, yet hasn't stopped the mild exhibitionist from being slightly 'edgy' with Apple's semi-strict user policies. We are all carrying around cell phones and iPhones, and some of us are even carrying around small tablets like the iPad Mini. How well does the video come through on your mobile device? That is the real question often asked when 'swarthy' and technology meet.

One website, Bang You Later, claims its users can stream the best free videos on the web. The website claims to add new, free adult videos to its library on a daily basis. But one innovative move the company just made is into the area of technology in the adult mobile market. “Although many adult sites are compatible with the iPad and iPad Mini, we have taken extensive measures to make sure we outperform them in terms of video load time and usability,” according to the Bang You Later team. Bang You Later is determined to maintain its strong reputation for staying on top of technological advancements in the adult mobile market.

Since the website was already iPad functional, transitioning to the iPad Mini was much easier. However, the smaller 7.9 inch screen size and 1024 by 768 pixels screen resolution, the iPad Mini provided a barrier to being able to deliver the best user experience. “Due to the smaller size of the new iPad Mini, it was a challenge to deliver the best possible experience to our valued users. The lead developer of Bang You Later’s mobile project said “We wanted to ensure that all the information that is on screen with the regular iPad was still available without being too small to use or too cluttered”. After giving it a test run on my iPad Mini, I discovered that the developer delivered on his promise.

For Bang You Later to keep its leading role in the extremely competitive adult mobile market, it is necessary for the site to grow, change and be compatible with any new cutting edge mobile technology. The adult mobile market is growing so quickly that there are now sites promising a new turnkey businesses started right from home. Bang You Later has a firm grasp on the growing adult mobile market, but needs to stay on top of technology to maintain its competitive edge.


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