Live Stream, Second Screen Experience Apps for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Author: Steve Woods
Published: November 22, 2012 at 7:41 am

I can't tell you how many times I've watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on the television as a child. Although I lived in New York for a few stints, I never got to watch the balloons and floats go by in person. Still on the bucket list...

Of course, my kids hardly ever move (or sit) in the world without some form of tech by their side, and today will likely be no different. I tend to enforce the no-tech rule while the parade is going on, and turn up the parade on the telly. This year, check your local NBC affiliate's station.

With the new apps in support of the parade this year, I just might let that no-tech rule slide, a little...

The folks who bring you the parade have put together a great website, with information about the parade, the lineup, the route and photos along the way as the parade progresses. Of course, we've come to expect a website from pretty much anything, but there's more. An official app has been created to make sure you (and your kiddos) don't miss any aspect of the parade, no matter how small the screen they are looking at.

The free app, powered by CityWay, will provide you seven different views of the parade from a variety of angles, as well as on-the-street views tied into traffic cams on the route. This year you can also add yourself to the lineup of fun using the app's Elf-O-Matic feature.

You can download the official Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade app in the iTunes Store or Google Play Store. Sorry Nexus 7 owners, it's not compatible...

Have a television available to you and would like to enjoy the same second-screen experience that comes with blockbuster Blu-Ray videos? Zeebox has just the app for you, chock-a-block full of information about the parade and its floating characters. Zeebox has been providing second-screen enhancing experiences to TV viewers for awhile now, and has partnered with the Macy's Parade people to give you even more, while you baste that turkey and prepare the pumpkin pie mix.

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