Movie Theater Shooting and The Need for Better Gun Controls

Author: Bryan Cain-Jackson
Published: July 22, 2012 at 1:58 am

We will never truly know the reasons why these heinous acts are committed – we can only speculate based upon the things that we know; such as the ordinary pressures of life.

It is not said with pleasure that our civilization is no stranger to random acts of violence.

We were reintroduced to it only two nights ago – and with it the reintroduction to that old argument, the one that calls for greater gun control laws in our society.

In a suburb of Denver and less than 20 miles away from Columbine High School, a 24-year old man identified as James Egan Holmes began coldly opening fire on audience members during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. A dozen were killed and more than three dozen were seriously injured – the youngest life claimed was that of a 6-year old girl.

For Holmes to have perpetrated such an evil comes as a shock to those who knew him in the upscale San Diego suburb where he grew up. Those who knew Holmes describe him as a quiet young man – an overachiever with great manners. He was known for keeping to himself.

If what people say about Holmes is the truth, then what would was going through his mind at the time that he decided to do this?

This was indeed a random and senseless act of violence – though he seemed to plan everything over a period of time from wearing bullet-proof gear, including helmet, gas mask, goggle, vest, black gloves, leggings, and protection for his groin and throat down to the gritty aspect of booby trapping his apartment with chemicals, liquids and explosives. All rigged to kill whoever entered.

The need for stronger gun control laws is evident when one sees the arsenal that Holmes was able to develop in such a short time – AR 15 assault rifle, a Remington shotgun, and two 40-caliber Glock handguns – all bought within 6 months.

It should be known, that all of this gear is also used by members of law enforcement. Holmes, not being a member of law enforcement seemed to be able to get it all with ease and legally. Why?

To us, the general public, these are random acts of violence. However, to those who are perpetrating these events – it can be said that they have already been written in stone. Early warning signs are often visible in those individuals that seem to feel that they are being ignored and/or wronged by our society.

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