Movies Promoting Conservative and Biblical Values a Hit in Hollywood

Author: Frank King
Published: February 10, 2012 at 5:21 am

TheatreWho says Americans are not interested in content that promotes conservative values and biblical values? According to Movieguide, movies falling into these categories are bigger money makers than movies that fall in the ”liberal/leftist” category.

Movieguide rates movies using more than two dozen criteria. It identified 91 films that scored high in the “conservative/moral” categories. According to its findings, these movies earned an average of $59 million apiece. By comparison, it identified 105 movies that fell in the “liberal/leftist” categories, and these earned an average of only $11 million.

On Friday, February 10, Movieguide plans to present its report when it celebrates its 20-year anniversary on The Hallmark Channel.

I find the claims of Movieguide interesting but puzzling because I certainly don’t regard most of the content that comes across my television screen as promoting conservative values or biblical values. I have to look hard for that kind of content. One would think that the desires of the audience would drive the content provided. But the message I am getting from Movieguide is that when people go to the box office, where they choose what they are willing to dig into their wallets or pocketbooks and pay to watch, most of them choose movies that embrace conservative and biblical values.

Movieguide’s claims also speak to me as a Christian leader. You see, I believe that oftentimes, the Christian church tries too hard to conform to this world so as to fit in. But think about it; if there is any truth to what Movieguide is saying, there is still solid interest in biblical values. That means that when people attend church, they still want to hear preaching consistent with the Word of God. Let us not be ashamed of the gospel. Those who speak loudly against conservative and biblical values can be the most vocal, but the majority of Americans still have an interest in such values.


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