Pending FDA Approval for Vivus: Qnexa Weight-Loss Drug

Author: Graziella Grech
Published: February 23, 2012 at 10:43 am

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In a recent article by the Los Angeles Times, we see that the FDA committee has endorsed Qnexa, a weight-loss drug. The drug works by suppressing appetite in patients, leading to gradual weight loss, and is targeted for people whose body mass index is above 30. Anyone with a body mass index over 30 is considered obese.

The drug was refused by the FDA in 2010 because its side effects include increased heart rate, which could lead to heart problems, and birth defects in babies born of mothers taking the drug. Vivus Inc., the company responsible for the drug, has now come up with a plan to control the distribution of the drug, and to monitor patients, so that such side effects are minimized. This has led to endorsement by the FDA this month.

In the United States alone, 33% of the adult population is overweight and another 35% is obese, that is a total of 68% of the adult population. This drug could help these people regain control over their lives, and could very well be a life saver. Having said this, is this drug the solution to the problem? Isn’t prevention better than cure?

Obesity is not just a problem in America; it is a problem all over the world. If we look at today’s lifestyle we see that everyone is going too fast without moving at all. Fast food dominates the food industry and take away’s and microwave dinners offer a good solution when you are on the go, travelling at a 100 miles an hour to keep up with the world. With the global economic crisis, people often find themselves juggling two jobs with hardly enough time to dedicate to their families, let alone having time for exercise, or the gym. People are just too exhausted from brain drain. Ironically, physical exercise is the number one stress reliever.

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