Poll: Most Americans Say Religious Liberty Not Threatened

Author: Frank King
Published: March 17, 2012 at 6:20 am

Flag and BibleIn a pluralistic society, where the various entities vie for what they believe to be their due, it should be understandable that a particular group may feel that its rights or liberties are being threatened. During the on-going Republican candidates’ debates and campaigning, the subject of religious liberty has come up not a few times.

Being a preacher, I don’t want to bog down in the political war of words that has been going on as it relates to the subject of religious liberty and the role of religion in government. Interestingly, a few days ago, Public Religion Research Institute published the results of a survey on this very subject. According to the survey results, most Americans (56%) don’t believe the right of religious liberty is being threatened in America today.

But of course, it all depends on whom you ask. According to the survey, the majority of Tea Party members (72%), Republicans (60%), and seniors (56%) do believe that religious liberty is being threatened. Interestingly, the only major religious group in which the majority (61%) believes religious liberty is being threatened in America today is that of white evangelical Protestants, according to the poll results.

The truth is that America’s social fabric is growing increasingly more complex. Recently, for instance, we have seen the rise of the Tea Party, the Wall Street Occupiers, a more progressive agenda of the LBGT community, to name a few. All are making their demands, and knowing we must coexist, we seek to find a balance—if there is such a thing. This I say because, for example, I am a preacher of the gospel. I am not looking for a practical balance. Rather, my goal is to spread the Christian gospel as far as I can.

I am certain that other segments of our culture endeavor to influence society at large with their convictions as well. And sometimes, perhaps oftentimes, the advances of one group or cause are at the expense of another. Hello, welcome to America.

In the Public Religion Research Institute’s survey, when those who say they believe religious liberty is being threatened were asked to explain why they felt that way, the most frequently mentioned reasons were the removal of God and religion from the public square (23%), government interference in religion (20%), and hostility toward Christians or religion (10%).


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