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Prada: FW2012

Author: Francesco Dello Rosso
Published: February 26, 2012 at 6:28 pm

By looking at the invitation and the runway with that massive purple/black & White rug, the pattern gave us a hint of what was coming, but off course with Miuccia Prada you can never be sure. And off course it was nothing like you could possibly imagine, she gave us a first run of black ensembles with three-dimensional XXL embellishment, placed to create the most unusual but exquisite lavish-embroideries. With a perfect and classical sartorial the silhouettes were incredibly sleek and elegant with so many options that included cropped cinched jackets, sleeveless coats, tunics and blazers. That were somehow astonishingly modern, some kind of an avant-guard exuberant-restriction-excessiveness, an unusual combination of words that would not make any kind of sense unless we are talking about something Miuccia Prada has done, the Prada Oxymoron.

The Black run, was followed by a geometric patterned retro suits in bold colors with a safari vibe that were beautifully cinched by bi-color wide leather belts and matched with patterned bags and shirts in contrasting colors. Then, a looks-mashed-up invaded the runway, black suits with hints of color, patterned dresses with 3D embellishment, and then it was the orange suit with purple and black embellishment, it was simply divine, pure textured luxury, and those shirts with embroidered collars were ultra exquisite.

The styling gave a futuristic kind of alien-science feeling to the collection, with neon eyelids and sleek-straight, two-tone hair, the retro patterned collection felt extremely cutting-edge and luxurious.

By watching the show, you wonder what goes through Miuccia’s mind to create such incredible spectacles and if there is a message behind all those cerebral ideas, and after showing her fall collection, Mrs. Prada said “I don’t want to talk about ideas”, explaining that her focus was on pure fashion and strength of silhouette. “I didn’t want to talk about power,” Prada offered. “It’s a suggestion of importance and beauty”. And it was that, powerful and beautiful, and despite the fact that there might not be a single evening dress, these ensembles are not practical clothes for everybody, unfortunately only few will be rocking the magnificent patterns but as Always Prada goes one step ahead and editorials and fashionistas are going to love it.

On the side note, Miuccia Prada has never looked so sexy with a short dress and stumbling - a lot of models were smiling inside, for sure - in sky high heels from this collection. See the best looks from the runway here


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