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Preventing Cancer with Minerals

Author: Alethea Prattas
Published: February 19, 2012 at 5:31 am

In America, cancer is on the rise. So is Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and other terminal illnesses. Chances are, you know someone who is suffering with, or has recently passed away from a terminal illness. Americans spend billions each year on health care, health prevention and weight loss products. Nowadays, you go to the grocery store and find orange juice enriched with vitamin-D, yogurt with probiotics, and a wide array of other "healthy" products. While vitamins are great, and probiotics are helpful, one thing most people are severely lacking in their diets is minerals. By not getting enough of the 60 essential minerals, people cheat themselves out of optimum health, energy and mood. That's right, mood!

Many cases of chronic depression can be aided or reversed by a person simply taking proper amounts of essential nutrients. I've seen it happen in real life! My boyfriend grew up with a mild depression problem that his parents and doctors thought to required prescription medications for treatment. The prescriptions had horrible side effects so he stopped taking them and has just assumed that there is nothing he can do about it. After taking a complete vitamin and mineral supplement, his depression disappeared, his mood improved and his outlook was much more optimistic and positive.

Did you know that you can actually prevent most terminal illnesses simply with diet and nutrition? Granted, sometimes genetics can play a role, but for the most part, cancer, diabetes and heart disease are not acquired by chance. Take for example, an antioxidant-rich mineral called Selenium. Selenium, when taken as a daily supplement, is show to reduce the occurrence of breast cancer by 82%, prostate cancer by 62%, colo-rectal (aka colon) cancer by 64%, and lung cancer 39%!

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