Rainbow Oreo Stirs Up Gay Hate.

Author: Jason Shaw
Published: July 01, 2012 at 12:04 pm

Don’t eat Oreo cookies, or buy Kraft products, say the ultra anti-gay campaigning group, One Million Mums. They are calling for a boycott of all Kraft products in a massive over reaction regarding an Oreo advertising campaign, which included an image of an Oreo cookie with a pride coloured filling.

The hate group, often daubed as One Million Homophobes, state on their website: “The cookie maker is quick to point out that the picture is simply an ad, and doesn't depict a true product. But it announced to American consumers where it stands on the controversial "gay" marriage issue nonetheless. Homosexuals are weighing in, hoping Oreo makes the fake cookie real.”

The offensive group urges all its supporters ditch brands such as Oreo, Cadbury, Maxwell House, and Nabisco and buy other buy other branded products instead. They have store brand products instead and are encouraging people to write to Kraft to tell them to ‘remain neutral’ in the ‘culture war’. One Million Mums said: “There are plenty of cookies on the market for moms to buy for their families that do not support liberal causes. One Million Moms will continue to support companies in the future with full understanding where they stand on principles and morality. We will choose to stay away from those who do not support moral decency.”

There is not even a remotest possibility of the image being made into a real product, not has it ever been suggested, yet the homophobic hate fuelled One Million Moms want to pretend such a possibility exists. Such baseless claims are common place from a group that regularly targets companies that have equal opportunities policies or don’t discriminate against homosexuals.

The reach of their hate campaign is yet unknown, however previous attempts to blackmail businesses have largely failed to ignite and have a massive impact, other than to highlight the groups own bigotry and homophobia. Yet personally I’m not an Oreo’s fan, nonetheless I’ve bought three packs today and written a letter to Kraft to tell them why I’ve spent my hard earned cash on cookies I’m not keen on and to thank them for supporting basic human equality.

One Million Homophobes say they want moral decency yet boycotting a product just because the manufacturers support equal rights for all citizens is simply morally wrong and where is the decency in that?


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