Red Cross Video Contest Asks: Are You Zombie Safe?

Author: Steve Woods
Published: October 23, 2012 at 6:19 am

"It appears that a very fast-spreading epidemic has hit Denver. Early Saturday, we saw signs of a few infected individuals. By 2 p.m., masses were exhibiting symptoms. And by nightfall, thousands were staggering along the 16th Street Mall downtown. I can’t believe how rapidly it spread; most people were wholly unprepared, although we did see a number of people with personal protective equipment."

Day 59, Denver, Colorado

The excerpt above is from a fictional journal posted at, a site set up by the American Red Cross to help teach emergency preparedness, by appealing to our action movie, adventure story side.

"You might think this is funny, but we're serious about preparedness." said Communications Director Kat Powers. "We think everyone should be prepared … whether it be tornado, hurricane, earthquake, zombie infestation … and it is not too soon to think about what would happen if disaster struck."

One of the essential questions asked by the American Red Cross through not only their main site but Saving Zombies is "Do you have a 'Go' bag?". A Go bag is a pre-packaged set of essentials designed to be extremely portable, in case an emergency develops that causes you and your family to go on the run. The Go bag, if properly stocked, could prolong (or even guarantee) your family's survival, until government officials get a handle on things.

The American Red Cross' point is, if you have everything you need to stay indoors safely away from the flesh-eating hordes, you could probably handle a major earthquake that knocks out power for a few weeks.

Speaking of earthquakes, another tongue-in-cheek twist thrown in to help spur citizens to action includes the 'inevitable' Mayan Apocalypse, tentatively scheduled for December 12th of this year, in case you need to calendar the event. There's even a countdown clock on the main page of Saving Zombies. A Day 64 journal entry has been posted introducing that cataclysmic event, discussing some early warning quakes.

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