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School's Out for the Summer: How Kids Can Give Back

Author: Don Martelli
Published: June 22, 2012 at 4:49 am

Playgrounds are packed. Camps are in full swing. Swimming pools are filled with laughter and splashes.

Yes, school is most definitely out for the summer.

In between all the fun activities you may have planned for your family, you may want think about ways to get involved in the community.

Here are some fun ideas that might help add some goodness to the dog days of summer (not to mention a good heaping of fun and helping others in your community).

Break the Sweat with Lemonade

One of the oldest activities for kids during the summer is to open up a lemonade stand. Rather than trying to earn a few bucks for candy and junk food, why not raise money for a local charity?

Organize a Neighborhood Clean-up

Unfortunately, trash is inevitable. We all want to live in clean and green areas, but sometimes that's just not doable. However, with a little effort and some organizing, you, your kids and neighbors can gather for a clean-up BBQ where everyone gathers to pick up litter. The hard work is awarded with food and fun, though the real reward is a cleaner neighborhood.

Volunteers Are Always Needed

There are a slew of hospitals, elder care centers, camps and the like that can always use volunteers. Spending a day with others that need company, someone they can talk to or paint with, can go a long way.

Make Your Neighborhood Greener

The Earth can never have enough trees and flowers. Why not head down to your local park to plant some flowers or work with the city or town and volunteer for tree planting initiatives. If you'd rather not venture out, spend the time in your own backyard planting flowers and trees.

Cool Off with a Car Wash

What better way to get cooled off during the hot summer days than washing cars? Charge a few bucks and provide the money raised to a local charity that needs it.

Think Food... Pantries

Food pantries are a great service for the community. Usually they are understaffed and always looking for helping hands. Why not spend a few hours making food packages for families in need?

What community efforts are you planning this year with your kids?

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