Senseless Loss of Life in Swiss Bus Accident

Author: Ajeet Khurana
Published: March 19, 2012 at 8:25 pm

A great tragedy recently struck Switzerland when a bus filled with school children crashed into the concrete wall within the Swiss Alps Tunnel. The students were returning from a skiing holiday in Switzerland, when the accident occured around 9 PM, claiming 28 innocent lives. Twenty-two children and six adults were killed, while 24 children were hospitalized.

It remains an enigma however as to how a bus provided by a trusted company, driven by a responsible driver, and boarded by students all of whom wore seat belts could meet with this massacre. Video footage of the incident hints at no abnormality or speed limit break and there was no other vehicle involved in this tragedy.

The forensic department is looking at the remains of the bus and evaluating it for technical faults. Details on the bus's driver are being checked thoroughly to access if he had any any health problem that could have momentarily impaired his driving ability.

It was a moment of stupendous bewilderment and trauma for the helpless parents, many of who could not come to terms with the reality. Belgium government have officially declared a day of mourning and have flown the relatives of the victims to the site. Some of them shuddered at the sight of the bus, which is no more than a smashed ball of metal now.

It could be safely assumed that the Swiss government will leave no stone unturned to pacify the relatives of the victims. Had this been a case of negligence or carelessness, there would have been great uproars & protests, but this seems a totally different situation that has filled the air with mourning & deathly stillness of gloom.


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