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The Cure for Cancer Has Been Found and is Purposely Being Ignored

Author: Claire Bear
Published: May 14, 2011 at 4:59 am

I couldn't believe it when I saw the headline myself: a simple cure has been found to treat cancer!

As unbelievable as that is, the more shocking news is that the treatment is not being mass-produced or even taken note of by the medical or news communities.

Horrifying, isn't it?

I'm even more devastated by this, because someone I know actually died yesterday after a battle with breast cancer for a few years. She was a wife and a mother leaving behind three young boys.

The cure was discovered by scientists at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada. The cure uses a dichloroacetate, a simple drug used to treat metabolic disorders. Because it's so simple, it had no side effects and also requires no patent. Therefore, it is relatively cheap (at least in comparison to current cancer treatments) and will actually cure cancer rather than warding it off.

Also because of the fact that it can't be patented, it's hard to make a large profit off of it. Due to this, pharmaceutical companies won't touch it, because it doesn't help their pockets.This is why this discovery isn't being celebrated and making front-page headlines.

The hope is that independent companies can perfect this cure and manufacture it for the patients that desperately need it. It will be difficult going against a a major lobbyist business interest such as the pharmaceutical industry who have their hands deep in politicians' pockets, but the more the public becomes aware of this great discovery, the less can be done against it.

So, spread the word, so this cure won't go the way of the apricot seeds cancer treatment or AIDS treatment. You also may want to rethink your position on Obamacare as pharmaceutical companies were one of the major proponents of the bill. It's sad that America is basically coming down to the people vs. major corporations as evidenced by this, Wall Street bailouts, GE getting to skip out on taxes, and so much more, while each tries to get crooked politicians to further their will.

America is at a crossroads and these next few months and years with business and government blurring lines and personal issues such as each citizen's health becoming public with Obamacare, will define which way we go.

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