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The Food That Makes Us Slaves To An Addiction

Author: Kirsten Plotkin
Published: March 08, 2012 at 3:46 pm

Every day, millions of people follow a diet according to the standards or whims of self-nominated experts. Today we have "low carb diets", which tells us to eat less carbs. Experts differ on which carbs to eat and they don’t say what to use to replace them.

We also have The Healthy Diet, which is a very broad concept. It can cover a multitude of sins. The fact is: If we want to avoid serious damage to our body. A Low Carbs Diet can mean only one thing: A high protein diet.

Right now, ‘protein’ is one of the most vilified and feared words in the dictionary. At least to those people, businesses and corporations, who expect to profit from the victims of carbohydrate addiction.

Forty years ago we had a well-documented cholesterol scare campaign. Some people, who later called themselves nutritionists, claimed to have invented an improved diet that would also cure cholesterol problems. This was a relief to the medical profession. They now had somewhere to refer their worried patients.

The new diet became known as the Pyramid diet. That was mostly due to a big poster. It depicted our new food groups in order of importance. They were an exact reversal of our traditional diet. The pyramid diet was never tested. No trials were ever held. And no medical or scientifically qualified person has ever verified; that it’s a healthy diet for the human body.

Over the past forty decades, many more diets, probably hundreds have been promoted. They share some common factors: None were subject to tests of any kind. They were and still are, based on carbohydrates.

It’s been forty years since millions of people, driven by fear, abandoned the traditional protein diet. It was a natural diet. It had evolved with us for centuries. It had seen us through many famines, harsh winters and even an ice age.

Because of that diet, we survived and thrived for centuries, with little or no carbohydrates. Our sudden switch of food groups was triggered by a fake cholesterol scare campaign. Almost everybody tested, had high cholesterol.

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