The Reason Behind Hurricane Sandy

Author: Bryan Cain-Jackson
Published: October 29, 2012 at 2:31 pm

While Republican Presidential candidate mocks President Obama about his beliefs in climate change – it’s happening all around us.

The west coast is constantly subject to rampant wildfires while the east coast experiences frequent ”brown-outs,” all of this no longer some far-fetched prediction of the future – that future is now.

Today, nearly 60 million Americans sit in the path of a killer storm that will be moving at a rate of 15 mph – Hurricane Sandy is the one of the many results of climate change happening in the world.

While nearly, one out of every six Americans could be left in Sandy’s path without power (as many as 10 million people); the evidence of climate change continues to be ignored.

Earlier this year here on Technorati, I conversed with Craig Rosebraugh – the filmmaker behind Greedy Lying Bastards, which premiered in Northern California this month. The film investigates the reason behind the stalled efforts to tackle climate change despite the consensus in the scientific community.

Rosebraugh, a political activist shows us the impact of an industry that has continually put profits before people.

Despite all that is happening both past and present, there is still a force of greed that runs deep in the country – ExxonMobil has spent millions to dispel claims of climate change, or as it was formerly referred to as global warming. Koch Industries has also reached into its deep pockets to do the same. The latter is also a very large contributor to the Romney campaign.

Greedy Lying Bastards urges Americans to take back the democratic voting process and to boycott Koch Industries and their products that include; Georgia Pacific building and paper products; Angel Soft toilet paper; Brawny paper towels; Dixie plates, bowls, napkins and cups; Quilted Northern toilet paper and Vanity Fair napkins.

So, ask the question of yourselves; do we continue to support companies and a Presidential hopeful that have turned their backs to the very reason that Sandy is tearing through the east coast right now?

Personally, I can think of over 60 million reasons why people should be more aware and more accepting of climate change now more than ever before.


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