Thin Mints, Please! Girl Scout Cookie Payments Go Mobile

Author: Steve Woods
Published: February 24, 2013 at 7:08 pm

The Girl Scouts will be out in force again this year, armed not only with boxes of cookies but also with a financial weapon that will prove positively irresistible, for your pocketbook and, unfortunately, your waistline.

Whether your favorite Girl Scout offering is the time honored Thin Mints or Samoas, the decadent Caramel deLites or Peanut Butter Patties, the tangy Lemonades or newer Mango Cremes, not having cash on hand will no longer be a problem.

According to Barrons, the Girl Scouts will be expanding a mobile payment system for its thousands of cookie sellers, started in 2010. So no excuses anymore!

For those Girl Scouts that want to give every opportunity to make a sale, the mobile credit and debit swiping systems require a payment of $20 for a kit, and a 2% transaction fee, to be paid out of a Scout's profit margin. So is the payout and trouble worth it?

After mobile payments were introduced to Girl Scouts canvassing North Carolina and Central California last year, sales increased almost 15%, and in some areas sales increased four times over, from a single box to four boxes per average transaction, or $80. Not bad at all.

If the additional level of complication seems like more than your average 10-12 year old girl can handle, think again. Girl Scout Council Vice President Jennifer reminds us that the cookie program was put in place "to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills." Figuring out whether or not one can handle swiping a card, tapping in sales items and asking for a pin or signature is all part of an individual Girl Scout (and her parents) weighing costs and benefits.

So when you hear that knock on the door or see those bright, shiny faces and ribboned green and brown uniforms standing outside your local store, be ready to pay up. If for no other reason, to continue helping the Girl Scouts prove what incredible things a girl can do.

Image courtesy CS Monitor.


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