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Thrive Foods: 200 Plant-based Recipes for Peak Health Brendan Brazier

Author: Bob Etier
Published: September 02, 2011 at 8:45 pm

Sometimes we discover things that are so shocking we have to tell everyone we know. Such was my recent experience at Wal-Mart. Most of our groceries come from Wal-Mart, unless we’re hosting vegetarian guests, then we have to travel a bit to get suitable foods. Our local Wal-Mart Superstore does not stock a lot of exotic items—apparently veganism is pretty exotic (As an Italian-American from New Jersey now living in the South, I find that I can only get the items I grew up eating by ordering  from internet vendors.). Imagine my shock when I found fresh all-natural hummus at Wal-Mart; I had to rush home and email everyone I knew.

Former Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier has long been concerned with the nutritional value of foods, but more recently he became interested in the environmental impact of the foods we eat. In Thrive Foods he discusses foods that have the lowest impact on the environment (by using the least amount of natural resources) but have the greatest amount of nutrition, a “Nutrient-to-Resource Ratio.” Since animal products have the greatest environmental impact, don’t expect to find them in Thrive Foods.

Many of Brazier’s recipes include a wider variety of ingredients than traditional recipes, and the results of some are quite different, but among the more “exotic” suggestions (“Almond Noodles with Carrots and Wakame,” “Beet Ravioli with Basil Macadamia Ricotta,” “Spicy Cocoa-Hazelnut Zouzous”), readers will find pizza, stuffed mushrooms, cole slaw, salads, and peach tart.

Thrive Foods is not just a cookbook. It is a valuable resource full of information on health, nutrition, natural resources, food, and environmental and health solutions achievable through whole food. Many of the facts about the American way of eating presented by Brazier are even more shocking than finding hummus in Wal-Mart. Publication date: September 15, 2011.


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