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Try a Fasting Diet to Trigger Rapid Weight Loss Results

Author: John Phillip
Published: July 19, 2010 at 2:05 pm


No word can produce more fear, emotion and misunderstanding in the world of diet and weight loss than fasting. The term conjures up visions of starving for days and weeks without a morsel of food, and drinking only fruit juices. A traditional fast is controversial and possibly even unhealthy for certain people, but intermittent fasting relies on the emerging weight loss science of calorie restriction.

According to Scientific American, weight loss is less about what you eat, and more about the timing of each meal. Effective weight loss is possible when you eat according to your genes, more along the lines of our evolutionary ancestors when food was scarce and people rarely ate more than once a day, and more often every few days.

It’s important to understand that eating stimulates many biological events in our body, most of which have evolved to store excess calories as fat. For this reason, the type of food we eat and the timing of meals are critically important to meet our weight loss goals.

Intermittent Fasting Fuels Fat Burn
Intermittent fasting does not involve starving for days on end, but rather works in harmony with the body’s normal circadian rhythms. There are two types of intermittent fasting. The first involves a liquid diet for one day of the week, with normal eating on the remaining days.

The second method consists of non-caloric fluids only between 7 PM and 7AM each day, with 3 nutritionally fortified, reduced calorie meals balanced over the remaining 12 hours. This is the recommended method of intermittent fasting, and most people find this form easier to tolerate as you’ll be sleeping for a good portion of the 12 hour fast cycle.

Fast for 12 Hours, Eat for 12 Hours
When the body is not busy with the complex process of digestion, it’s free to perform many critical tasks which are vital to our long term health and weight loss goals. Eating large, highly refined meals several times a day forces our metabolism to stay in high gear processing the excess surge of calories.

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