When You Hate Your Job, Just Act

Author: Bryan Cain-Jackson
Published: January 29, 2013 at 6:48 am

How do you feel about your job? Is this job what you truly want to be doing? Are you doing this just to pay the bills?

More importantly, how does your job make you feel?

There are a great many people who are working in jobs that they are merely good at. Just because someone is good at something, it doesn’t mean they are meant to do it or that it is where their destiny lies.

Did you know that less than three in ten people are working in their dream careers or a related job? It should also come as no surprise that the very same numbers of people are stressed to the point of suffering from depression due to their careers and workplace environments.

Perhaps you are underappreciated at your job, the work is repetitive, getting too much of a workload, or you have a bully for a boss and are being micromanaged to the nth degree.

These are all contributing factors.

Last summer, I was graced by the opportunity to speak with Penny Templeton. Penny is a prolific acting instructor and author of the book Acting Lions.

Penny and I talked at length about her career as well as my own and the importance of people following their dreams. We have only one shot at life and we should make it count for something. She took the opportunity of introducing me to one of her students; we will call him Sean for the purposes of anonymity.

In early December, Sean, Penny and I had a conversation at length about his workplace, how he is affected by it, and lastly the importance of living out one’s dream.

Bryan: So, your dream is to be an actor?

Sean: Yes, there is something about it. Maybe, it’s the art of expression through being other people.

Bryan: That’s what the appeal was for me when I did it. You have a phenomenal instructor to get you there.

Sean: I do.

Penny: Thank you both. That’s sweet of you to say.

Bryan: Tell me about your day job. I understand that we’re both in the financial services industry.

Sean: I work in internal finance – that’s basically the budgeting of the revenue coming in. In many ways I consider myself a glorified bookkeeper. In my line of work, as with many others, a lot of people dump a lot of extra work on my desk – much of it is and should be their own responsibility. Of course, everything is a fuzzy feeling when I interviewed for the job. Not much time after that, reality set in.

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