2012 Ford Explorer In-Dash Tech Review

Author: Aansy Stone
Published: November 05, 2012 at 7:57 pm

Recently I purchased a 2012 Ford Explorer that came with a factory MyFord touch unit. It had all the bells and whistles but lacked the key item that everyone seems to want or already have these days, navigation. After doing some research I stumbled upon a product that allowed me to interface navigation with my existing MyFord touch display. The navigation unit installs and works seamlessly with the MyFord touch. The product is great for many reasons including the fact that after installation the vehicle remains completely factory, thus deterring any would be criminals.

Another great feature of the integrated Nav is the ever desired “quick menu”. This menu allows you to access the frequently used/adjusted settings such as sound or address input. Once in destination mode the user can easily utilize the “map manipulation” feature. This allows you to move the map up and down or side to side in order to grasp a well- rounded picture of the area you are in, making it easier to spot landmarks or large features seen on map. The upgrade also provides you with traffic summaries, current speed, speed limits, distances, and arrival times.

When in a new city, or state,most of us rely heavily on our navigation to locate things like restaurants, gas stations, or emergency services. This unit provides an enormous selection of such places. One of the coolest features of this unit is that as you drive and frequent certain places, it will begin to pick up driving and location patterns. The “smart history” feature will automatically provide you visually with destinations in your current area or route that it thinks you might be going to, this will save drivers time with entering address’s or POI’s.

With gas prices on the rise and our schedules getting tighter, the “route calculation and recalculation” feature on this unit enables you to choose a faster route to save time, or an economical route with will help drivers save on gas and tolls. This unit also has warning systems in place to alert the driver of upcoming speed cameras, red light cameras, changing speed limits, as well as warning the driver if the posted speed limit is surpassed.

All in all a great product that works perfectly with existing MyFord touch displays without losing any of the existing features on the vehicle. The full-blown touch screen navigation puts everything a driver needs at their fingertips with an easy to use, easy to see 8 inch LCD display. Here is the website that I found this awesome new product!



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