Nissan Embraces New Technology to Prevent Crashes

Author: Drew Hendricks
Published: November 15, 2012 at 8:50 pm

It’s late at night. A driver is on the road, headed home to his wife and kids after a very long day. He feels drowsy, but knows the road well and doesn’t even expect many other cars to be out this late. As he nears home he begins to nod off and swerves a little. His head jerks up, whole body snaps to attention, but it isn’t long before he slouches back down, this time losing control of the wheel and flying off the road into a large tree. The car is totaled, he sustains minor injuries but walks away from it feeling thankful that it wasn’t worse: that he only hit a tree and not another car or pedestrian.

Although this is just a broad hypothetical situation, it’s the kind of thing that’s seen every day. Drivers losing control of the wheel for some reason, whether it’s falling asleep or having a heart attack or passing out or any number of causes, and suddenly they’re in a metal box zooming down the road with nothing to stop it other than its surroundings. The driver is completely at the mercy of fate. Anyone would agree that it would be miraculous if cars were able to control themselves in situations like that.

It may sound like an idea from a science fiction story set in the future, but that kind of technology is being built into cars right now. Nissan cars are now being fitted with technology that helps control steering, creating cars that can virtually never cause an accident. Anti-crash technology is becoming the ideal for cars in order to create safer driving experiences.

Radar scanners positioned around cars are able to detect targets around the vehicle and move out of their path. In test drives, Nissan’s cars fitted with this technology are able to swerve out of the way of a pedestrian that leaps into its path, missing the person and potentially saving their life. Like something from a movie, it seems as though the future is now with this innovative technology.

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