Pull Over! LA Auto Show to Explore Cop Cars of the Future

Author: Steve Woods
Published: November 25, 2012 at 8:02 pm

The Los Angeles Auto Show normally has a dynamic preview of what you and I might be driving in years to come. From November 30 - December 9 at the L.A. Convention Center, this year's show also has a preview of what you might be seeing in your rear view mirror, if you break the law in the decades to come.

Every year, the Design Los Angeles Board of Directors issues a challenge to automobile manufacturers the world over, to envision modes of transportation that will excite the senses. For 2012, the challenge, called Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025, asked automakers to design the patrol cars and chaser vehicles of the future. From the submissions, our future hybridized electrical two-, three- and four- highway huggers will never know what hit them.

Submissions for the challenge came from the United States, Japan, and Germany, and were designed to fit "a specific region’s transportation and societal conditions", and "for advanced technology, speed and agility on future freeway systems".

The positively space age looking submissions were judged based on:

  • Creativity of the solution.
  • Meeting the defined region’s mandated emission standards if applicable.
  • Environmental sensitivity: maintenance and recyclability.

The one you see worked into the image at the top of this story and the one above are from General Motors design for the California Highway Patrol, and looks like something out of the last Star Trek movie. The one below is from Honda Motors, and features a hookup with a patrol helicopter to arrive rapidly on-scene - an interesting concept.

To view all of the submissions, visit the Los Angeles Auto Show challenge site.

Images courtesy Los Angeles Auto Show, Revoseek


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