Tips to Refresh Your Kitchen Without Spending the Earth

Author: Gareth Jones
Published: November 10, 2011 at 9:15 pm

5 Tips To Refresh Your Kitchen Without Spending The Earth

The thing that takes up the majority of your kitchen is your cupboard doors - as you know they cover most walls in a kitchen, and are therefore the main thing we see in a kitchen.  Most people go down 2 different routes when it comes to the style of their kitchen cupboards; they are either bright and stand out, or they are subdued and traditional. The most common way is with a traditional wood or wood replica effect on a cupboard door, because they fit to any decor and often cost much less.

A great way to add value to a property is to replace old kitchen cupboard doors with new ones.  There are many companies across the UK that now specialise in changing just doors in a kitchen at costs much lower than replacing whole kitchens.

Alongside the cupboard doors themselves, it easy and cheap to replace the fittings that go alongside them, items such as cupboard handles and drawer runners cost very little to replace but can make a massive difference to appearances and uses of kitchens that haven't seen any love for many years.  Cupboard handles come in a variety of styles and finishes so if you are thinking of adding some colour to the kitchen decor, it can be nice to link it in with the handles - aluminium effects are often popular.

Most good sized kitchens have at least one window in them, and the best way to add some brightness and colour to a kitchen is to add some new blinds and curtains to the room.  Daylight coming in through a window is important to a room, so it is important to add some style and colour to windows when you can.

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