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Bedwetting Facts For Parents and Children (InfoGraphic)

Author: Jesse Bauer
Published: February 22, 2012 at 12:17 pm
If you're a parent, you'll want to have a look at the awesome infographic just released by Kids Bed Land. It talks about an issue that every parent has to go through at some point, because simply, 100% of humans do it at some point in their growing stages as a child, or toddler. Heck, even some adults still deal with the issue of wetting their bed. It can have lasting psychological effects on the one experiencing bed wetting. Based on research, 'wetting the bed' is one of the top 3 fears of your child in school, right after losing a parent and going blind. The embarrassment is something the child just does not want to face, from anyone.

The term "Bedwetting" has an official name called "Nocturnal Enuresis". It's most common that children outgrow wetting their beds at an early age, but 10% of children in this study still exhibit the problem while in school. the infographic also points to some tips we as parents can use in helping our children get over the issue, as well as help them deal with the mental issues that come along with it. Hopefully by age 10, your child will be part of the 95% of other children who have simply stopped bedwetting.

Some interesting facts about bedwetting are based on genetics and gender. Your children have a 77% chance of bedwetting if both parents were bedwetters, where as they only have 15% chance if neither were bedwetters. Also, as adults, females are four to five times more likely to wet the bed over males, mainly due to childbirth and pregnancy. As children, boys are three times more likely to wet the bed over girls.

You can view the full infographic at Kid's Bed Land.

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