Black Friday is Upon Us: The Hot Holiday Toys

Author: Jerri Ann Reason
Published: November 20, 2011 at 4:39 am

I wouldn’t necessary consider myself an expert at much. However, lately, I’ve attended toy fairs and been privy to some of the seasons newest and hottest toys on the market. The experience at the Time to Play Magazine Toy Extravaganza was my first look at all things wonderful in terms of the newest toys.  They unveiled their top toy choices at the beginning of the event and then allowed us to peruse through the expo hall meeting various PR folks as well as toy brand specialist.  I took all that information, along with the mass of other emails and research and I assembled my Top 10 Toys for 2011’s Christmas Season.
I have two boys and in reality, there are a lot more toys geared to boys or at least techy type gifts but there are a couple that could be big hits with both genders.  Without more delay, here’s how I see the 2011 Toy Season ending.

Once I started dividing the toys up, I decided that some toys are definitely high on the list while others deserve to at least be stashed in the stockings.  Some still get my attention enough to think that they deserve an honorable mention.  So, that said, here goes, my first Top 10 Toys for Christmas in 2011:
1. Hot Wheels Wall Tracks
Hot Wheels Wall Tracks brings stunts, speed, turns and tricks to new heights with wall tracks is a wall mounted track play system. Expand your world of Wall Tracks and build more stunts and action all over your walls. This is the ultimate Hot Wheels Wall Tracks starter set $30, Ages 4 to 10

2. Cepiallia LLC  - DaGeDar Zhu Zhu XIA-XIA Pets
Cepia’s toy building enterprises include: Glo-E™, ZhuZhu Pets®, Kung Zhu™, ZhuZhu Princess™, ZhuZhu Babies™, ZhuZhu Puppies™ and their newest ventures, DaGeDar™ and Xia-Xia™. ZhuZhu Pets® has received top honor Toy of the Year recognition in seven countries. Price and Age Varies from Product to Product

3. Vtech
InnoTab delivers the ultimate fun learning experience that combines reading, educational games, creative activities and a rich collection of applications in a multi-function, touch screen tablet format. $79.99 Ages 4 to 9

4. Angry Birds Board Game
Based on the on the best-selling phone app game, Angry Birds, kids can play their #1 favorite app game in real life. They can build, launch and destroy with an exciting skill-and-action. Game features three Angry Birds, green pigs, one slingshot-style launcher, structure pieces and mission cards. $39.99 Ages 4 and up

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