Dying Together After 72 Years

Author: Prem Rao
Published: October 19, 2011 at 9:05 pm

In an age when people often say marriages are short lived, here's a case which will take your breath away. Gordon and Norma Yeager died within 70 minutes of each other last week, holding hands till the end, in a Des Moines, Iowa hospital. If you think there's nothing special about this, you probably now will on hearing that Gordon and Norma had been married for 72 years! Gordon and Norma were married on May 26, 1939 and were 94 and 90 respectively when the accident took place.

Unfortunately, they were involved in a car crash and it appears that Gordon himself was responsible for the accident which killed both of them. The couple in another car involved in the accident were thankfully not killed. One of the occupants of the other car was however left seriously injured.

I find a few things striking about this story. The first of course is that they were together in marriage for so many years. They were married for much longer than the entire lifetime of many people.

Second, sad as it may seem, I believe it was good that they died together because I am sure one would not have lasted much longer without the other.

The third is that with no apparent age limit for one to be driving, is it a risk for the person himself and for other motorists? "A person's chronological age is not an absolute predictor of driving ability, but its impact should not be denied. Ultimately, however, what counts on the road is performance." says The Smart Motorist in an article which predicts the number of seniors driving ( aged 70 and above) is likely to triple in the United States win the next 20 years.


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