Free Phone Calls for Soldiers

Author: Conrad Hall
Published: February 08, 2010 at 8:38 pm

Chris Snider is one among millions who wants to speak to their husband, wife, son or daughter. For many, it’s the desire to speak to their mommy or daddy.

"I want to hear my husband’s voice," Snider writes. "It kills me everyday not to hear my best friend's voice. To hear him laugh, to hear him upset, even just to know that he is right there listening to me is all I need some days. … If I could have just five minutes with out worrying about a penny for every second I would cherish it."

Chris posted her story on the Facebook wall of the Free Phone Calls for Soldiers Cause. The group was founded by Patrick Ayres and Larry Thorpe who launched the effort while serving in South Korea after finding they weren't the only soldiers feeling lonely and disconnected.

Patrick Ayres enlisted two years ago, in January of 2008. He trained as a combat medic and served in South Korea. He is currently stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Larry Thorpe joined the Army in July 2007. He served for two years as a cannon crew member and was stationed in South Korea with a field artillery unit. Today, he is serving with the National Guard and working to support his fellow soldiers.

Since being founded in September 2008, JoeOnTheMove has given away more than one million free phone minutes to their fellow GIs. They also have a Facebook Cause with 1,484,077 members that is growing daily.

Amanda Ariaz-Starr posted her story on the Facebook wall, too. She says:

“My husband is serving in Afghanistan right now. We spend boatloads of money for him to call home. Some months, we can't afford it. When I don't hear from him, it's really rough on both of us. I need to know he is safe, and he needs to know that we're all OK here. They worry about us too, and they don't need to while they are over there. Calling home allows him to keep his mind on his job, so he can come home safe.”

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