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KidTunes: The Pop Ups Go Wild in Radio Jungle

Author: Bob Etier
Published: May 09, 2012 at 4:55 pm

 The Pop Ups are a Brooklyn-based duo comprised of Jason Rabinowitz and Jacob Stein who wrote all the songs on their latest kidtunes collection, Radio Jungle. Klezmer, Latin, tropical, pop, and jazz infuse wildly-imaginative, kid-friendly lyrics that entertain while they sneak in a few lessons on language, mathematics, colors, and creativity.  Radio Jungle is the duo’s second release; their first, Outside Voices, was an award-winning favorite featured on top ten lists in such distinguished publications as The Washington Post.

Doesn’t everyone look up at the clouds and imagine animals their shapes suggest?  “Connect the Stars” is a celebration of a similar activity—connecting the stars to draw the outlines of different animals, limited only by the breadth of one’s imagination.  Imagination is also the focus of “Box of Crayons,” a song that hails the glory of color and the possibilities when crayon hits paper. For those who need to be reminded how colors interact, there is “Color Wheel,” a litany of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.    

Fruit is the topic in “Best Fruit,” a determination of the best fruit in a fruit salad, and “Banana,” a song that recounts the banana’s journey from plant to table. There are more lessons in the counting song “Math Rock” and “Elephant,” an exploration of words and syllables.

Radio Jungle is a happy collection of songs that are easily understood and inviting—you can’t just listen, you’ll want to sing and dance along. Other songs on the album are “The Bat” (a dance we all need to learn), “Feelings Change,” and—my favorite—the Fred Schneider/B52’s –influenced “Pop Up City” (a song that stirs memories of both pop-up books and city life).  The Pop Ups offer  a unique sound that shimmers with energy and enthusiasm.  Radio Jungle is available from iTunes, CDBaby, and other retailers.




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