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KidVid: New Timmy Time - Timmy Finds Treasure

Author: Bob Etier
Published: March 10, 2012 at 4:41 pm

Timmy Finds Treasure is the newest title in the Timmy Time series. The lovable lamb is a pirate captain in pursuit of treasure as he rounds up his friends for adventure that’s highlighted by slapstick humor and a whole barnyard full of characters. The bright animation and appealing characters offer younger children a mix or entertainment and education.

 Timmy Time, part of  Disney Channel’s Disney Junior line-up, comes from the same people who gave us Wallace and Grommit and Shaun the Sheep. Despite a complete lack of dialogue, the five episodes on  Timmy Finds Treasure impart valuable life lessons for two- through five-year-olds and their families.

Timmy is a somewhat spoiled lamb with a knack for finding trouble when it’s not finding him. He’s repeatedly challenged to share, cooperate, be considerate, and take responsibility for his actions. Using simple stories, expressive characters, and a collection of animal sound effects (Timmy goes to Nursery with a cat, dog, pig, skunk, and duck, among others), Timmy Time entertains while it teaches positive social interaction.

Timmy Finds Treasure, available on DVD March 13, 2012, comprises five episodes: “Timmy Finds Treasure,” “Timmy’s Treasure Hunt,” “Timmy’s Tractor,” “Timmy Makes a Splash,” and “Timmy’s Spring Surprise,” as well as bonus features: “Timmy’s Day of the Week Video” and two episodes form Shaun the Sheep (“Spring Lamb” series). Each episode is a day in the life of Timmy and his buddies who find adventure through their naughtiness and nosiness.

Kids who want to have more fun with Timmy can go on-line to the Timmy Time website and enjoy “The Mix and Match Game” and  “The Noisy Name Game,” download wallpapers and activities, make music, and sing along. There is also an area for parents loaded with tips and merchandise news.


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