The Amazing Liver and Why We Foolishly Ignore it

Author: Julie Hodges
Published: September 14, 2010 at 9:04 am

The more we understand about our bodies, the more likely we will provide adequate care and respect for them. The liver is an amazing organ, and learning to value the vital functions that it performs will enhance your appreciation for it. Understanding this organ proves to be a motivating factor in regard to lifestyle decisions and choices.


The benefits that flow as a result of applied knowledge will contribute greatly to the health, happiness and overall wellness for each individual. Sadly, the liver is the one organ likely to be ill-treated, abused, unappreciated, overworked and ignored.

How can we protect the liver?

Why is the Liver so Important?

The liver performs numerous functions – it provides storage for absorbed iron, vitamins and minerals and manufactures bile, which is necessary for adequate food digestion. The liver also becomes the depot for stored energy, releasing carbohydrates, glucose and fat for the body to utilize on demand.

The Amazing Liver is a Production Plant

The liver supplies various clotting agents necessary to prevent hemorrhaging, and it also produces proteins which become the crucial building blocks necessary for cell renewal and maintenance.

The Forgotten Liver - The Fact We Forget!

The liver is responsible for the removal of poisons and toxins. This is the organ mostly respected for removing alcohol from the bloodstream; however alcohol, prescribed medications or drug use may be the first toxins that come to mind.

Numerous toxins enter the body via the food we eat, the liquid we drink, cleaning products, creams and lotions and the contaminants we breathe in. The most hazardous air is normally found indoors where the air is often loaded with potentially toxic particles and residues. Sadly, the majority of people are unaware of the hazardous effects they can cause.

How Faithful will the Liver be to You?  

The liver runs quietly and constantly day by day eager to fulfill its vital responsibilities. It is well-equipped to work, unvoiced and for a long time; however, it is becoming ever more important that we learn practical ways to demonstrate our respect for it.

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