Unjunk Yourself with KidTribe

Author: Lisa Niver Rajna
Published: June 01, 2012 at 12:27 pm

unjunk“Unjunk yourself” is exactly the video I need to show my students. As a science teacher, I focus on relating science topics to real life issues. We often ask the question, “Who cares?” at the beginning of a new unit. It is nearly impossible to read any news lately and not hear about the obesity epidemic in America. I look forward to learning more by watching the recent HBO Special: The Weight of the Nation, The only way to win is to lose!

But for my students, I know that watching a KidTribe production will give them a tune to remember and lyrics to help. Kellee McQuinn, the founder of Kidtribe, is dedicated to improving kid’s health and fitness through song, dance and hula-hoop. Watch “Unjunk yourself” and feel inspired to get up and move as well as remember don’t “build your dream house with trash” and “choose what you chew!” If you change your habits, and treat your body well, we will all feel better!Video: Unjunk Yourself

"Thank you for helping to create lifelong memories for so many children. "
Michelle Obama, First Lady
" Kellee McQuinn and KidTribe are the medicine for what ails most kids today." Robert Sallis, MD
Family Physician, Kaiser Permanente
Past President, American College of Sports Medicine
Chair, Exercise is Medicine
" Saving the world, one dance move at a time! "
Los Angeles Family Magazine
" KidTribe embraces the best part of the modern world. "


Wendy Mogul, PhD
Author, "The Value of a Skinned Knee"



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