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When Parents Text

Author: Bob Etier
Published: August 25, 2011 at 8:53 am


Before we get into the hilarious specifics of When Parents Text, let’s pick a little bone (a bitty thing…no bigger than my pinky) with authors Lauren Kaelin and Sophia Fraioli. Those of us who are old enough to have texting kids (and grandkids) have enough evidence to prove that it’s not just the old folks at home who send out weird/questionable/incomprehensible texts. Now, we know Mom and Dad can be pretty funny when they try to use technology, but they find all your little abbreviations and emoticons mysterious, yet endearing.

Lauren and Sophia are the founders of whenparentstext.com, a website inspired by a text message Lauren received from her mother. Lauren shared the message with Sophia who reacted, “That’s what happens when parents text,” and the website was born. Soon other kids were sending in their parents texts. Its popularity spawned a book, When Parents Text: So Much Said…So Little Understood.

As a parent and longtime technology user, I want to make one thing clear: technology stinks. Oh yeah, I couldn’t live without it, but I’ve learned enough in my life, and am continually forced to learn more in order to survive. So, technology…feh. When Parents Text reflects the frustration people feel when trying to learn the ins and outs of an allegedly “smart” phone, and the pure madness of having one key represent three letters (how many people, when replacing their cell phones, say “I don’t care what you give me; it has to have a full keyboard”?) or the impossibility of adult hands typing on baby keys.


When Parents Text also sweetly reflects the relationship between parents and children who are willing to communicate with each other, and not only love, but like each other. It’s in those funny little snippets of text that we find so much affection.


Grandparents are also represented in When Parents Text, and their contribution is similar to their own children’s, proving that texting does not deteriorate (much) with age. When Parents Text is a fun read, and is a terrific gift for text-addicted parents and their offspring.


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