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Altered Couture: Create Your Own Vintage Look

Author: Nicole Wong
Published: August 18, 2010 at 9:58 am

Altered Couture 

For those who feel that the clothes in their wardrobe look blah, and who have thread and needle laying somewhere in the house, Altered Couture is an excellent magazine that offers all kinds of inspirational ideas on how to breathe stunning new life into a tired-looking pair of denims, plain tops, and even dresses that no long fit.

This quarterly magazine also informs readers of the latest trends and how to make slight alterations to their existing wardrobe to both create the latest look and to extend the life of various clothing items.

Accessories such as ribbons, lace, crinoline, and buttons can be sourced from your own wardrobe or bought at thrift stores, concession stores, and even dollar stores to create highly unique pieces that showcase the creativity of the wearer.

If consumers prefer to buy ready-made clothes constructed from reused and reclaimed fabrics, the latest issue interviewed Annie Greenabelle, whose designs are as unique as they are environmentally friendly.

Annie Greenabelle studied ethical fashion at a tertiary level and now has her own line of clothing, available at anniegreenabelle.com.

In the interview written up by Beth Livesay, Greenabelle says: "I chose to study the concept of ethical fashion at university and gained a really good understanding of the benefits of using fair trade and organic cotton there. I really do hope that more designers will start to think about the long term benefits of producing in this way. It definitely isn't the easy option but when people realize what a positive difference it can make to the lives of farmers, and everyone down the chain of production, I think they can see it is worth the extra effort."

She endorses upcycling clothes as a great concept in creating something new from the old in order to retain parts of the old. Although not for everyone, this way of breathing new life to old clothes definitely makes it easier to part with longtime favorites that not longer fit but are difficult to give away because of sentimental reasons.

Who knew that with a bit of lace, velvet trim, crinoline, and Fabri-Tac and a few other ornaments, that the nostalgic and romantic vintage look can be created at an affordable price with minimal sewing skills? A boring A-line skirt can be gathered from the bottom and stiched to create a sassy, short, draped skirt that looks similar to a bubble skirt bought at a high-end boutique. Step aside, Sarah Jessica Parker.


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