EarthRisk Weather Analytics: Most Extreme Summer Heat Since 1948

Author: Geoff Simon
Published: August 22, 2012 at 2:08 pm

If you live in the Midwest/East U.S. and thought the last couple months seemed hotter than in previous years, you're suspicions are now confirmed by weather analytics company EarthRisk Technologies.  The San Diego based company documents the months of June and July 2012, and found the most extreme summer heat signals since 1948.

The geographic region covered by the study stretches from Chicago to Boston then southward to Charlotte and westward to Little Rock.  HeatRisk, the company's web based platform that utilizes historical data to analyze the risk for extreme warm weather, found that several key factors played a part in the record-breaking temperatures.

"The cumulative HeatRisk index for the Midwest/East United States was higher than any other June-July period on record since 1948," according to David Margolin, EarthRisk's Director of Meteorology.  "That's nearly 10% warmer than the next highest HeatRisk value which was recorded in 1988."

One of the primary factors for the high temperatures, according to the study was, "...a strongly northward shifted jet stream across the eastern Pacific and North America."  This particular weather phenomenon, according to EarthRisk's Chief Science and Product Officer Stephen Bennett is called, "a 'pattern diphole'...and it was one of the strongest such jet stream patterns observed since 1948."

To learn more about EarthRisk, whose technology crunches 60 years of weather data to formulate the odds of cold snaps and heat waves up to 40 days in advance, you can visit their website at  Trading groups, power producers and energy traders are all examples of industries EarthRisk serves.


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