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Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning

Author: Caroline Higgins
Published: September 14, 2011 at 7:51 pm

As we individually try to turn our households into more “green environments” we often hear conflicting reports on cleaning products and their effectiveness. Despite the confusion, there are many non-toxic, non-polluting products on the market today which can easily replace the products you think you can’t live without. Household cleaners, botanical disinfectants, laundry detergents, recycled paper products and dishwashing are all available in eco-friendly forms.

These green cleaners take a little more scrubbing, but get the job done. According to a spokesman for the National Environmental Trust, "These chemicals make cleaning easier, but they don't make cleaning any better. The largely American tendency toward germ phobia has partly been fueled by advertising that promotes disinfecting cleaners that eradicate all bacteria in sight as the best way to protect your family from germs. But you don't really need to kill the bacteria; you just need to get them off your table.

In fact, disinfectants could do more harm than good to humans. Some chemicals in disinfectant sprays contain a chemical known to damage the reproductive systems in the offspring of pregnant rats, even in small amounts.

Recently, NPR reported that phosphate detergent is the only way to clean your dishes while utilizing your dishwasher. These reports state that non-phosphates detergents ruin dishes, while leaving them gray, often with black spots. Those of us who live the eco-friendly lifestyle, know that phosphates are a strong environmental concern, while non-phosphate alternates are an environmentally healthy alternative.

Some have taken to their blogs to voice their concern, Val from Zero Waste Home Challenges states on her site “I have been using phosphate free dishwasher and laundry soap since the seventies. My dishes are not gray with black spots, they shine, squeak and sparkle and are clean. The detergents I use contain vegetable based detergents with enzymes. Zero chlorine, zero bleach and absolutely no harsh chemicals.”

It’s time to clean out your cupboards and restock with eco-friendly cleaning items and paper products, as we build together a healthy and environmentally sustainable society.


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