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Author: Nicole Wong
Published: June 24, 2010 at 10:14 am

Meanwhile, 91 percent of CEOs report that their company will employ new technologies (e.g., renewable energy, energy efficiency, information and communication technologies) to address sustainability issues over the next five years.

It appears that not all companies are moving fast enough to implement changes in business practices that ensure sustainability.

It is saddening that it's business as usual until the business-as-usual model comes to a screeching halt. Moreover, not all are willing to face the immediate cost of change even if the change brings about long term gains.

In a perfect world, the entire filed of business studies would include lessons in creativity, vision, integrity, and motivation so that leaders in the business world would learn to do right by implementing long-term plans that protect the environment and ecology rather than focusing solely on profits. Economic gain is a given in any business model, what we need now are business models that also include environmental gains.


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